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If you are having trouble getting through the loss and don't know where to turn, turn to us. Join the Circle Of Support

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Virtual Prayers & Blessings

Download a copy in .pdf format

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A General Pet Blessing



Blessings for a Pet who just past



Blessings for the sick and injured



Blessings for a pet In the Hospital



Euthanasia Prayer



Blessings for an Elder Pet



Prayer for the Feeling Of Loss



Prayer for the Healing of our hearts



If you are having a heard time getting through the loss of your dear companion we urge you to please consider a phone session. To find out more just click this link: Phone Session Information

Sadly some people do not have anyone at all to talk to about their loss because of fear of judgment or embarrassment. We live in an internet world now that can give us the anonymity we need at a devastating time like this. Do it for you, do it for your baby who does not want to see you so very sad.

We would like to thank Nancy Cronk the founder of the Ministry Animal Clergy for allowing us to adapt the blessings and prayers for the use on our website, and for the many blessings she has given us.

May you find peace in your heart and blessings in knowing that your dear one has returned to their home in Heaven.

Download a copy in .pdf format



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